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What is Egg Donation?

The act of egg donation refers to a procedure where a reproductively capable woman offers an ovum or oocyte to another female for her to achieve pregnancy.

How Does the Egg Donation Process Work?

To start the donation process, it is necessary for the egg donor to undergo ovarian stimulation and retrieval. While this happens, hormonal medications are given to prepare the uterus of the recipient or the intended female parent (the woman set to receive fertilized eggs). Once retrieved, these eggs are then fertilized with sperm and moved into her uterus. Although no genetic connection exists between the child and mother-to-be following implantation, she holds a biological relationship as the bearer of pregnancy until giving birth.

When is Egg Donation Recommended?

Women undergoing cancer treatment

Women with poor response to medication for ovarian stimulation

Early menopause

Diagnosis of ovarian failure

Couples who desire to conceive a biological child with the male partner’s sperm, even if the female partner has compromised egg quality or reduced ovarian reserve

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