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1. Does my partner have to accompany me? Why?

Yes! They should accompany you on your first visit. Make sure they bring their Health Card.

Your partner will typically undergo medical history review and blood testing during their initial consultation with the physician. At the same time, a later appointment may be necessary for men to conduct a semen analysis in many cases.

2. How to Set an Appointment?

Please check the contact form.

3. I am a single woman. Am I able to benefit from your services?

Absolutely. Our clinic provides comprehensive services to individuals of varying marital statuses, regardless of gender. We are dedicated to assisting you in addressing your distinct fertility requirements and guiding you through the necessary steps.

4. Are there any side effects of the medications?

Fertility drugs can induce your ovaries to generate various follicles, which house the eggs. You might encounter bloating and abdominal swelling as these sacs develop toward the end of your menstrual cycle. The doctor will customize such medications based on factors like age, diagnosis, and therapy outline.

5. How can I take the daily dose of injections for IVF treatment?

When opting for IVF treatment, you will need a daily dose of injections. Our qualified nurses can instruct you or your significant other on how to administer them safely and comfortably at home.

6. Can you help with the cases of extremely low sperm count?

Thorough assessment of your circumstances will be carried out alongside the blood and semen analyses. Furthermore, we collaborate closely with multiple urologists who can propose a range of alternatives.