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Fertility Assessment

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Before tackling infertility, it is important to comprehend its underlying reasons. To achieve this goal, we conduct a comprehensive fertility assessment by considering the patient’s medical history and physical examination if they intend to conceive. We may also require some tests from the partner. Based on the results obtained through these evaluations, we collaborate with our patients in devising an effective infertility management plan tailored specifically for them.

Female Testing

This testing centers around addressing numerous issues, such as:

Does ovulation occur regularly?

Are your hormone levels normal?

Does your body produce healthy eggs?

Are your fallopian tubes open?

Is the uterus ready for implantation?

Male Testing

Although the issue is usually described as a women’s problem, infertility can impact individuals of any gender. This testing strategy provides solutions to numerous issues, such as:

Is enough sperm being produced?

How healthy is the sperm?

Are sperm facing a blockage from being ejaculated?

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